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Beech Capital Venture Corporation ("Beech Capital") announces its new small business-financing program, the Beech Business Bank.

The mission of Beech Business Bank is to provide access to capital to new and existing business owners in low and moderate-income neighborhoods of North, West and Northwest Philadelphia.

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Keystone Renovate & Repair Loan

This product is available through Beech Interplex, Inc., which serves as a Local Program Administrator approved by PHFA to originate loans under this program. The Renovate & Repair Loan Program is designed to meet serious housing issues for many of Pennsylvania's homeowners: how to make their home a healthy, comfortable place and a financial asset. The unique Renovate and Repair collaboration between PHFA, lenders and local housing organizations (including Beech Interplex, Inc.) has been developed to assist homeowners in avoiding common pitfalls in home improvement projects such as homeowners being taken advantage of by unscrupulous lenders and contractors, poor quality and unnecessary repairs.

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